i am lisa – passionate illustrator, professional escapist and vice versa.

what makes my illustrations stand out are their bold lines, original concepts and lots of love. my favorites right now are editorial illustration, live illustration and animation.

i am super passionate and surprisingly serious about my job. especially if the projects concern diversity, feminism or zoology. my spirit animal is a pug. i cut my own hair, always always always carry a book and when i’ve grown old i want to own a garden and a pig.

REFERENCES (selection)
// boehringer ingelheim // bs anne frank frankfurt // city of jena // pulsar healthcare // neue narrative magazine // transform magazine // tofukind // timespin

// Master studies interactive Illustration HAW Hamburg
// Bachelors Degree communications design Mainz
// illustration studies NUA (uk)
// apprenticeship in Media design (digital + print) Focus: concept and visualization